Billion Bucks Bundle

105 Screen React Native Template Bundle

  • Code + Sketch file

  • Made with 100% default components

  • No extra libraries or packages needed

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What is BBB?

Billion Bucks Bundle is a React Native template bundle. This bundle is for developers, designers, hobbyists or anyone interested in apps, React or React Native. React Native is a mobile app framework for creating native apps with javascript. iOS and Android. One codebase. No webviews. No emulators. All components are rendered as native elements. 105 screens total. 90 core screens. 15 base screens. Code is structured for easy customization and configuration. Predefined method handlers ready to be implemented for all interactive components. State based data simple to customize and update to your own API. Independent and self contained screens. No extra libs. No extra packages. Each screen is composed of 100% default react native components. Code and Sketch file for each screen.

Why Billion Bucks?

Building the next billion dollar app shouldn't cost a billion dollars. The goal was to create a bundle of React Native screens easy to drop into projects or build into your own. BBB let's you focus on building the main features and functions of your app (ai, api, buttons, camera, maps, textfields, etc.) So put your billion dollars back in your pocket and buy BBB instead

What Are Core Screens?

Core screens are the screens containing the crucial features and functionality of an app . The core bundle covers screens from 21 app concepts. Click on the preview bottom to see all of the screens included in the bundle

What Are Base Screens?

Base screens are login, signup and menu screens


What's In The Bundle?

90 Core Screens (Code + Sketch)
15 Base Screens (Code + Sketch)

Download Free Sample

Unlimited License

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